Concerts in September:


St. Pauls Cathedral, Melbourne                                                        Wednesday 25th September at 7:30PM

The Crypt, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Mary's Road, Sydney               Thursday 26th September at 8:00PM

Hallelujah Junction's debut in March was a terrific occasion and one experienced by a wonderfully large audience in Melbourne's St. Paul's Cathedral.  In September we are looking forward immensely to singing again in front of a Melbourne audience and to making our Sydney debut!

These concerts are about the annual pilgrimage to Santiago -- Santiago de Compostela, St James of the Field of Stars.  Every year, it the destination of more than a hundred thousand pilgrims who make the journey, hundreds of kilometres long, to the crypt of the cathedral in this town in north-western Spain, where lie (so the legend goes) the bones of St James the Greater, one of the twelve disciples of Christ, and first to be martyred. 

Evoking the mood, the feelings and the music of this pilgrimage, Hallelujah Junction will combine astonishing music of the 16th century -- heard in the Abbeys along the pilgrims' routes -- with the Australian premieres of contemporary settings of ancient prayers by visionary composers Gabriel Jackson and James MacMillan, whose exquisite, breath-taking music allows us a heart-stopping glimpse of the divine.  

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–Jonathon Grieves-Smith



Hear Jonathan Grieves-Smith being interviewed by Emma Ayres on ABC Classic FM on Match 22nd about the formation of Hallelujah Junction.